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Boloto Pu (Job Reference)
Boloto Pu
Carol Tam
Marc Leung
Patrick Choy
Peter Ng
Rosena Tang
Sammy Dan
Shiu-ho Tang

Our Team

Carol Tam 譚淑梅

Director (Curriculum Development & Quality Assurance) 課程發展及質素保證總監
Registered teacher in Hong Kong 香港註冊教師
Certificates of Drama Courses 戲劇課程證書
Bachelor of Literature in Chinese Language & Literature 漢語言文學學士
Bachelor of Education (Honours) in Professional and Vocational Education 教育榮譽學士 (專業及職業教育)
Master of Arts in Chinese Culture 中國文化文學碩士
Professional qualifications in training, cosmetics and make-up in the UK, Australia, China and Hong Kong 
Committee member of professional associations of wedding, hair-setting and cosmetics
Judge of make-up competitions in Taiwan and Hong Kong 化妝比賽國際評審(台灣、香港)
Prize winner in make-up competitions 化妝比賽獎項得主

Detailed CV 詳細履歷

Boloto Pu
Design Director 設計總監

Certificates of Drama
Courses 戲劇課程證書
Experienced drama/movie actor 資深舞台劇及電影演員
Over 20 years’ experiences in theatrical designs 超過 20 年的舞台設計經驗

Detailed CV 詳細履歷 (Chinese only 中文)

Job References (Non-exhaustive) 工作參考 (非全部)

Kar-wai Tong 湯嘉偉
Director 總監

Instructors 導師

Drama 戲劇

Patrick Choy 蔡定祥 (
Detailed CV 詳細履歷

Sammy Dan 丁美森 (
Detailed CV 詳細履歷) (Chinese only 中文)

Illustration & Animation 插畫家 + 動畫師特別班

Peter Ng 伍尚豪 (
Detailed CV 詳細履歷)

Leather Crafting, MC Training, Make-up & Styling 皮革製作主持人化妝及造型

Carol Tam 譚淑梅 (
Detailed CV 詳細履歷)

Taekwondo 跆拳道

Rosena Tang 鄧少恩 (Detailed CV 詳細履歷)

3D Production 立體製作

Marc Leung 梁廣基 (Detailed CV 詳細履歷)

Video Workshop 錄像工作坊

Shiu-ho Tang 鄧少豪 (
Detailed CV 詳細履歷)

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