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Bridal Hair Styling Course 新娘髮型課程
Bridal Hats & Accessories Course 新娘髮飾禮帽課程
Bridal Make-up Course 新娘化妝課程
Bridal Styling Course 新娘造型課程

Bridal Styling Course 新娘造型課程
Bridal styling is a profession full of fun and provides a high degree of freedom in terms of working hours for stylists.  A bridal stylist has to take care of both designs of makeup and hair setting.  This course is suitable for those who are or will be working as bridal stylists and others who are interested in makeup and hair styling for brides. 

Course contents:

(A)     Makeup

(1)             Introduction to makeup tools
(2)             Facial features
(3)             Basic makeup guidance
(4)             Fundamental principles of chromatics
(5)             How to shape eyebrows to match face shapes
(6)             Use of rouge for different face shapes
(7)             Bridal makeup in western and eastern styles
(8)             To touch up makeup and quick change

(B)     Hair Styling

Basic skills of hair styling
(2)             Use of electric hair curling rods, curlers and other tools
(3)             Different styles of curly hair
(4)             Techniques of making various hair buns
(5)             Different styles of hair braids
(6)             Classic crown style of hair buns
(7)             How to wear wigs and accessories
(8)             Quick change of bridal hair styles in wedding banquets 

(i)                    For personal hygiene, students have to bring their own make-up tools, e.g. makeup brushes, cosmetic cotton, makeup eyelashes and lipsticks. Students may also ask the trainer to help buy these necessary items. Other cosmetics will be provided during class.
(ii)                   Wig scalps, plastic heads, clamps, tail combs, hairbrushes, hair clips, hair pins and hair forks inclusive.

Duration:15 classes (3 hours@)


一)  化妝內容    
(1)             化妝工具用品的介紹及使用技巧
(2)             五官輪廓比例以及面形分析
(3)             深淺不同的立體修容法則
(4)             基本色彩學原理
(5)             修眉技巧與臉型的配合
(6)             胭脂與臉型的配合
(7)             中西新娘化妝技術要領
(8)             補妝以及轉妝技巧
(1)             髮型造型的基本手法與變化
(2)             電熱棒及各類髮型工具的使用
(3)             捲髮的各類造型
(4)             盤髻的造型技巧與技術要領
(5)             各類編髮辮子的造型
(6)             經典高髻皇冠造型
(7)             假髮以及髮飾配戴技巧
(8)             婚宴髮型轉換技巧

(i)                    基於衛生原因,個人化妝工具(例如:化妝掃、化妝棉、假睫毛及唇膏等)需自備或代購,課堂提供其他化妝品。
(ii)                   髮型工具包括假髮頭皮、光頭、膠架、尖尾梳、排骨梳、、鴨咀夾、髮夾及髮叉
課程:全期 15 課,每堂 3 小時

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