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Event Cartoons 活動項目漫畫
Wedding Ceremonies 婚禮

Wedding Ceremonies 婚禮

We fulfill your dreams by providing "through train" wedding services, including but not limited to wedding planning, bridal styling / make-up / hair-setting, venue decorations, ceremonial photo-taking. bachelor / bachelorette parties, and honeymoon-travel planning.

More than that, if you would like your wedding parties different from others, we can draft scripts specially for you, provide professional directorship and stage designs, and make your parties as beautiful and charming as a Broadway show!

Please contact us for details and fees


More Photos 更多圖片

我們提供「一條龍」婚禮服務,你的夢想成真。服務包括婚禮策劃,新娘造型 / 化妝 / 髮型設置,場地裝飾,婚禮拍攝、婚前新郎 / 新娘派對,劃蜜月旅遊


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