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Drama (Backstage Management) Elementary Course 舞台管理工作坊 (入門初階)
Leather Craft Courses for Adults 成人皮革製作課程
Organic Farm 有機耕種 (親子班)

Drama (Backstage Management) Elementary Course 舞台管理工作坊 (入門初階)
This course is an elementary course introducing basic knowledge of backstage management for drama shows.

Course Contents

1. A brief on theatres, safety guidelines, equipment and glossary
2. An introduction to theatrical production, division of labour, and work flow
3. Theatrical operation management
4. Preparation of cue sheets, rehearsal schedules, scene sheets and move-in schedules etc.
5. Backstage management
6. Introduction to designs of set, props, costumes, make-up, lighting and sound
7. Budget preparation, financial reporting to clients and payments
8. Promotion, ticketing, preparation of programme books, how to manage the leftover of set, props and costumes, etc.
Targets:Those who are interested in backstage management for drama shows.

Duration:8 classes (2 hours@)


1. 舞台簡介、劇場的安全守則、設備及詞彙
2. 演出製作的結構概念、舞台演出之基本分工及戲劇表演製作流程
3. 舞台操作管理工作
4. 如何預備「專用技術提示劇本」、「排練時間表」、「場表」及「入台進度表」等
5. 後台的舞台管理
6. 簡介佈景、道具、服裝、化粧、燈光和音響的設計工作
7. 資金分配、提交財政報告予主辦單位、支付酬金及服務費
8. 宣傳推廣、票房開售、製作印製品/場刊、


課程全期 8 課,每課 2 小時


Instructor's Qualifications 師資 :

Sammy Dan 丁美森 Detailed CV 詳細履歷Chinese only 中文

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