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Drama for Teenagers 青少年戲劇表演
Drama (Backstage Management) Elementary Course 舞台管理工作坊 (入門初階)
Illustration & Animation 插畫家 + 動畫師特別班
Leather Craft Courses for Teenagers 青少年皮革製作課程
MC Training for Teenagers 青少年主持人
Special-event Make-up & Styling Training for Teenagers 青少年節日化妝及造型班
Taekwondo 跆拳道
3D Production for Teenagers 青少年立體製作班
Youth Video Workshop 青少年錄像工作坊
Organic Farm Workshop 有機耕種班

3D Production for Teenagers 青少年立體製作班
This course focuses on human gesture.  Students start to learn from two-dimensional artwork and will gradually develop their skills in making three-dimensional products.  They will learn how to use different materials and textures, light and shadow, and many other visual elements to make a three-dimensional work out of a piece of sketch.
Course Contents :
Characters sketching, light-and-shadow paper cutting, copying textures by the rubbing method, making three-dimensional robots / models with cardboard, corrugated paper and / or electric glue, etc.
Targets : Primary and secondary students
Duration : 8 classes (1.5 hours@)

Remark : Course fee does not include materials.


人物速寫、光影剪貼、質感拓印、立體紙板人、"快撈人"、"瓦通 Robot" "電膠人" 等。
課程 : 每期 8 課,每課 1.5 小時


Instructor's Qualifications 師資:
Marc Leung 梁廣基(Detailed CV 詳細履歷

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